Foreign student

Foreign (postgradual) student in CZ

Experimental experiences of russian postgradual student in UK invited by AVCR.

Health insurance

Is paid by employer or by yourselves

You must be able to prove you are insured. (following MVCR)

Student's hostel

Applications must be sent via web application masinka before 4.7. (2005).
Summer accomodation: Applications are sent via web application masinka before 10.6. (2005), summer accomodation is from 7.7. to 18.9. (2005). Accomodation can be paid each 20-25. in Vorsilska, but Inkaso is the preffered way. Manage payments by Inkaso from your account. Hostel account can be found in somewhere in the hostel.
Must come to the hostel at a starting day (displayed on the web) or send an email, either serious problems can appear.
Sign the agreement, get the key. Get one paper for police and one for work visa.
Get papers (original and 1 copy) on the status of the room and fill in insufficiencies Exchange one of the papers in the store room for the confirmation of having incrustation and take your incrustation The confirmation of having incrustation must be returned before you leave the hostel (June or whatever).

Give the living place confirmation to foreign police 3 working days after arrival following paragraph 4.2.

Study department of UK part I

Get several confirmations to be a student, aprovals for a time ticket, UK coupon, mensa coupons, ISIC (160,- till 26 years? or student 0,-) card, give your account number.

Try to get a student coupon for city trafic from MHD (26 years max.)

Study department of UK part II

Prepare study plan with your suppervisor. (it is very very hard to put away a subject once you have signed for!) The form is found at

Make electronicaly a subscription of subjects. Give it to study departement till 31.10.

After - Get signed the plan by a chairman of RDSO, chief of the supervisor's institute, supervisor and you.

Evaluation of the student will be done electronicaly

Exam record with fullfilled duties and Doctorand evaluation (filled all fields with the exception: the rozhodnuti dekana) is returned to Study departement till 30.9. next year

VISA application (partially - work permission)

Must apply in time to get visa. Count 1 months for 1 year visum and 2 months for all the documents needed.

Following the mvcr link you first apply for a permission to work issued by local Work office and then you apply for a VISA. But - there is a certain possibility to get partial job in the Institute even with the Student( or even normal?) VISA :) and thus have paid the insurance.
Telephone numbers to MVCR departament are: 974 820 366, 974 820 494 (or 229 secretary).

Current address must be acknowledged to Work office.

Give to pers.dep. application for recommendation of work in the institute signed by director (Zadost o prijeti do pracovniho pomeru)

confirmative paper of having living place in CZ

then, make a translation of diploma. It can be done in e.g. Manes building on Vltava shore, first floor. Get the translation copiied with official verification (you will use the translation probably few times more).

Prepare an application for permition to be emploee (Zadost o povoleni k zamestnani cizince) PLUS PHOTO

A deadline to apply for a new visa is 14 days before end of the long term visa (with all the documents prepared). Passport must be valid.

Bank account

Sporitelna (CSAS) or Komercni banka (KB) and probably others give a free account to students, card, internet conrol included.

Bring a confirmation you are student, passport, somebody with ID card to officially translate the agreement, your ISIC card if you have one, at least 100 crowns.

Know your contact place (monthly lists etc...) Prepare the formalities, sign the agreements (with the translator), deposit at least 100 crowns onto account. Apply for a card. For an ISIC card you get 200,- (CSAS) within one or two weeks (once per year maximum).

Apply for Inkaso payment of your hostel room.

One week later, PIN code of the card will arrive, go to the bank (original place!) and get your card.

If passport is changed for a new one - acknowledge the bank

Language course

Fill in the application you get at the academy building near Masarykovo nadrazi. Let it sign by institute director.

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