cp jmeno1 jmeno2 copies
mv jmeno1 jmeno2 moves
ln [-s] jmeno1 jmeno2 makes link of existing jmeno1. -s only symbolic
rm , rm -rf ... vsechno
ls -tr time, reverse; -Sr sizereverse -1 single column; -A

touch [-t MMDDhhmm] file create file
chmod [ugoa][+-][xwr] file make executable, needs ./file to run
chown user filename change owner !
chown -R pepa:ojs dirname each file to pepa and group ojs
df [-b] misto na disku
du [-k] zabrane misto v kb, -s..sumarne
ls -FA | grep / | xargs du -ks;du -ks ls=dir maji/, no .,..;grep najde dirs; xargs du udela dirs a du udela .;
zip -rl ziparchive . zazipuje recurs, cr->crlf(pozor na bin) do ziparchive
ps [-ef|aux] [ |grep jmenouzivatele]
who -R dava i adresy pocitacu

ls -p | grep "/" | xargs du -s velikost adresaru PERL oneliners perl -e'@a=split/\n/,`ll`;foreach(@a){@b=split/\s+/,$_;$q=$q+$b[4];print "$b[4]\n";}print "tot--$q\n"'
l -m1 | perl -e'while (?STDIN?) {system("acko ".$_)}' spusti program acko prokazdy fajl v adresari

find -type [f|d|l] file,dir,link
-user podle usra
-atime 5 v posl.5 dnech accesed
find /example -exec grep -l 'where are you' {} \;
prohleda /exmple/ a ukaze ty co maj '..
find / \( -name a.out -o -name '*.o' \) -atime +7 -exec rm {} \;
smaze vse a.out a *.o, ktery nebyly tyden accessed
find . -name "*.tex" -exec grep -l Zamfir {} \;
najde Zamfir v *.tex \;

presne: find -size nc - n bytu dlouhy; -atime n - access in n days; -mtime - modif n days
vesti mensi +n, -n
-type f - file; -type d - dir;
-print dela path
find . \( -mtime -53 -o -mtime +53 \) -print --- nejde vse

\uvozuje prikaz
find ~/ -name *.tx

find ./ -name 'aa*' -exec ls {} \;
najde aa1 aa2 v tomhle adresari a vylistuje jmeno
grep [-c|-l] ahoj * najde ahoj ve filech v adresari, counti nebo listuje
grep -l ahoj * | xargs ll xargs dava argument pro ll

traceroute adresa hleda cestu
nslookup najde jmeno
/etc/ping adresa zjisti zivost pocitace
ftp lcd .. local cd mget prompt - interactive mode off smbclient /opt/samba/bin/smbclient \\\\PHOENIX\\Public heslo -c "cd mrazek;dir;put"

setenv DISPLAY displ. windows on terminal
xhost + dat na lokalnim
export DISPLAY='localhost:0.0' na LINUXU
smbclient //ojs_mrazek/pub smbclient //ojs_mrazek/pub -c "dir;cd Upload;mget *" smbmnt //ojs_mrazek/pub destdir -o username=mrazek,uid=mrazek,gid=mrazek TEXT PROCESSING
latex name.tex latex
xdvi name prohlizec
dvips name prevod na ps
gv name ghostview
lpr print ps a txt a dvi OK
gimp format ukladani *.xcf dump pico [-wb] filename edit -w no autowarp,-b replace
lynx [jmeno]
d .. download link
g .. goto URL or file
G .. edit doc URL and GOTO
l .. list refs.
v .. view bookm
V .. goto visited
z .. cancel transfer in progres
bkpsp. history
! .. goto shell exit
ctrlR reload
shift* images

wget [option] [URL]
-b goto background
-o file logfile
-a file append log
-i file read URLs from file
-t 2 dva pokusy
-O file zapis doc do filu
-T 10 timeout 10s
-w 3 wait 3s mezi retr
-Q n set retr quota to numb
-nd no directories
-r recursive
-l 3 to level 3
-k konvert nonrelative to relative
-m mirroring
-A accept list ext (-A jpg)
-R reject extensions

wget -b -i list.tx -r -l2 -Ajpg
a2ps text to ps book, formats FOR..... --columns=3

Kompilace jadra: make xconfig (menuconfig) make dep make bzImage make modules make modules_install cp /boot/ cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz lilo dd if=/dev/hda8 count=1 bs=512 cp /ntscratch/ ------ mkbootdisk 2.4.3-12 .... makes linux boot FD ------ bootsector dd if of bs ..... zkopiruje bootsec fd

LINUX printing...... cat file > /dev/lp lpr -P name file lpq ...... see queue lprm - .... kill all jobs, lprm jobnumber printtool .... configs