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Here I offer three more snapshots...
Mam tu taky 3 fotky, a tohle puzzle jsem ja.


Useful reference's list (remake from interactive version)
Some of my small programs have already a small description
Several basic advices for different systems DOS, UNIX, VAX, VAX_com.
Several (sometimes hardly found) experiences on programming in C++, root.
Sometimes it is better to test the web site changes before publishing ...

test web pages 1
test web page 2

Useful experiences

Administrative for foreign student in CR zahranicni student u nas...
Endsf format in a mist.
Fedora2 - instalation
Linux and multimedia

Windows (linux) software to make a connection to linux/unix server:

ssh client: putty it supports Latin2 encoding, ansi colors, X11 tunnel... original place: www.chiark.greenend.org.uk

scp client: winscp366 norton-like interface, close after up/download, bandwith control original location: winscp.sourceforge.net

vnc server-client: virtual screen over network, can be tunneled via ssh -L 5901:localhost:5901 IP, then remotely attached via vncviewer. A vncserver with a proper xserver number ( vncserver :1) must be running on the server side. linux , windows complete and windows viewer. Local link - windows here

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